Friday, February 29, 2008

Pinoy Web Surfer Archives

Congratulations! You've reached the archives. If you're looking for a particular post, please feel free to browse by month or browse by categories. You can always use my blog's search feature (upper right portion of the page) as well.

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Blogging Tips
Get tips on how to improve and make money with your blog, useful hacks for Blogger and other improvements I made on this blog.

Computing Tips
Helpful posts on how to improve your daily life with your PC.

Cool sites
Check out interesting sites I found while surfing the net. You might see something worth sharing.

Download Freak
Alright you download freaks, these posts are for you. Tips and sites for downloading.

Here you will find cool gadgets that a tech junkie stumbled upon while surfing.

Awesome online games to keep your kid busy while you clean the house.

Graphics and Design
Sites that can help you with graphics and images for your project.

Hmm.. Interesting
Some articles I've stumbled upon that you will find interesting.
Popular and recommended sites for buying and selling stuff.

Online Contests
Contests I find on the web that you might want to join too.

Proud to be Pinoy
News and information about Pinoys excelling all over the world. Go Pinoy!!

Random things
Posts that I can't find or make a category for. Like this archive page for instance.

Useful and cool applications that might slip under your radar. I'll try to keep them free as well.

Web 2.0 sites that might be useful for ordinary people. Cool stuff here.

Guides on how to troubleshoot your PC if infected with virus and your anti-virus somehow failed you.

Web Design
Tips, guides and sites for better web design.

Thanks to Blogger Buster for this archive page layout idea.

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