Monday, March 24, 2008

Get subtitles for your downloaded movies

Have you tried watching a downloaded movie but can't understand some of the dialogs because it's not English? Like the Vamp speak in 30 Days of Night. Or the Russian dialog in Hitman which is kinda vital to the story.

You can download working subtitles (not the ones usually included in pirated DVD that don't make sense) for movies from

Simply do a search for the movie title and look for the release type of your file (for exact sync). For example, my copy of Hitman is Hitman.R5.LINE.XViD-PUKKA.avi and I found the following results:

I downloaded the .srt file and placed it in the same directory of my movie. Watched it in my PC via Media Player Classic and the subtitles appear. I heard that a certain Pensonic DVD player can read .srt files as well so you could watch the movie in your TV with subtitles.

By the way, the site also offers subtitles for different languages.

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