Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Journey's first US concert with Arnel Pineda a success

The recently revived band Journey successfully debuted their new lead vocalist, our very own Arnel Pineda, in the US last March 8. After a string of successful gig in Chile last February, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas was packed with lots of Filipino fans as well as they witness our countryman perform.

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The gig was used to record a DVD release so they had to ask the fans back at the end of the show as they redo a couple of the songs. Arnel did really well but still has to build on his stamina to still be able to hit the high notes at later songs.

One thing he did that I think is not a good idea was that he took a Filipino flag from the audience and waved it at the latter part of the show. Makes me think that Journey favors Filipino audience more. I mean it would be alright if they performed here but they did it in the US with a majority of US fans.

Oh well, Arnel is still a nice fit to the band and he brings youth and energy as well. We're proud of you man.

If you want to view their concert in Chile, it's in here:


Anonymous said...

I didn't think too much...he is just obliging a Filipino fan who is proud of his heritage..Arnel is also proud of being a Filipino, that's part of who he is and shape the sweet person he is.

Pinoy WebSurfer said...

well yeahh... you have a point there. but still they're in the US and Journey is still an American Band and Arnel is still new to them... but yeah... if it's to promote Journey to the Fil-am audience in the US then that'll work.

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