Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Another Pinoy received a standing ovation in Britain's Got Talent

What hit the local news is Madonna Decena, the Filipina who went to UK and tried her luck in Britain's Got Talent. But amidst talks of her performance, there's another Pinoy who also wowed the judges as well as the audience in the talent competition.

This time it's a 10 year old half-Brit, half-Filipino schoolboy, Charlie Green. Like Madonna, the audience loved him and his performance and gave him a standing ovation. Even Simon Cowell enjoyed his performance a lot as you see him snapping his fingers to the music.

Check out his audition.

His performance reminds me of Bessie Cursons who was a strong contender in last year's competition. But without a Connie Talbot standing in the way, Charlie has a strong chance to win this year.


Berryblitz said...

Hindi ko pa nga nakita si Green. Nakakainis, hindi ko lagi napapanood ang Got Talent...

noee said...

Mukang madaling i-please ang british audience.

I like him better than Madonna kasi kung sa Pinas mo ico-compare, average singer lang siya. Pero syempre sana manalo silang lahat.

Pinoy WebSurfer said...

mas may appeal si charlie kasi mas-bata. siguro si madonna mga symphaty votes makukuha nya. kasi tama parang average singer lang.

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