Monday, April 14, 2008

How to download movies properly via torrents

Have you tried downloading a movie but finding out afterwards that it's a fake, or has poor quality or worse it's just pr0n? Here's a quick guide on how to find and download movies properly in uTorrent. This guide however, applies mostly to newly released or ripped movies.

First, check whether the movie you want to download already has a DVD quality release. Or if you can't think of a movie, you can browse the site for the latest release. Here's a short guide on how to interpret info from

Next, after you find what you want to download (the latest movie releases will have the most number of seeders which is good), head to your torrent search site. Here are the ones I recommend:

Search for the movie you want to download. For example, I saw in VCDQuality that Horton Hears a Who already has an R5 release which is of good quality and the group who made the release is iNQONTROL. So I would look for R5 and iNQONTROL as part of the filename.

The search I did on Mininova yielded this:

So I would be downloading any of the two items that I highlighted and will be guaranteed of a nicely ripped movie. The size varies because some people adds a sample avi but a size within the range of 685 - 715MB is ok. Just click on the download link and uTorrent will catch it.

Try it and stop being fooled with fake downloads. Oh yeah, downloading pirated movies is illegal. Hehehe.

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