Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wordpress or Blogger?

If you're new to blogging and can't decide what free blogging service to use (whether or, here are some points you may want to base your decision on. (Not the Wordpress blogging platform that you could download)


  • Lots of templates to choose from
  • Their dashboard is really helpful, intuitive and informative
  • Excellent way to promote your blog with the use of tags
  • It's quite easy to adjust images in your post
  • Comments system is very convenient with built in anti-spam
  • Categories are easy to manipulate
  • Lots of nice built-in widgets such as recent comments and posts
  • Allows multiple authors
  • Template design modification is very limited
  • Cannot modify the CSS
  • Does not support the embed and script tag
  • Video support is limited to popular services

  • Few starting templates to choose from but they are completely customizable and there are tons of free templates out there
  • Google Adsense can be used for monetizing your blog
  • Scripts are allowed in the html code
  • Owned by Google so a lot of google tools can be incorporated as gadgets (widgets in Wordpress)
  • Comment system is cumbersome
  • Have to rely on 3rd party codes for helpful widgets
  • Category is difficult to edit if there are already a lot of posts
  • Adding and manipulating images in the post can be improved
  • No dashboard to summarize the activities going on your blog
  • Does not allow multiple authors
So in summary, here's my take.

If you're planning to create a free personal blog with no frills and don't require a lot of customizing, is really the number one choice. It's very convenient and user-friendly.'s selling point is that they allow scripts to run in the template. So you can add nifty tools and other scripts to earn money with your blog such as Google Adsense. Also, if you're a web designer or programmer, you really would enjoy customizing and personalizing the template.

Hope you have a better understanding on what to use now.


bluebeetleone said...

Wordpress allow more functualities but if you wish to test Google AdSense only Blogger allows it.

Next step if you feel comfortable is to redirect traffic from your Blogspot URL to a chosen domain.

Pros Bloggers all do this...


Pinoy WebSurfer said...

yup, you're not allowed to put adsense code in

Although, Wordpress also allows URL redirection if you have your own domain just like Blogger.

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