Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mimique Concept Phone

Check out the Mimique concept phone designed by RKS. A touch-screen mobile phone that uses open-source software so that users can just download new features and upgrades which I think all phones should be in the future.

The Mimique is a response to feature-heavy cell phones that look more like PDAs than phones. Playful and engaging, the Mimique's design marries the heritage of old-school cell phones with next-generation style and touch-screen technology. The Mimique will use the new open-source cell phone software which will allow users to download features and "skins." With downloadable upgrades, users won't need to buy a new phone to get new features.

And the "skins" will allow users to change the graphic interface to match their mood or preferences. Designed for users who don't take themselves or their phones too seriously, the eye-catching Mimique concept phone is poised to play a whole new game.

I think it's a bit toy-ish looking but "chic" at the same time. It can work for students or the fashion-conscious ones. It would be nice if its faceplate is also controlled by its software ala "screensaver". Think this one would sell?

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Berryblitz said...

what a phone!!!!!!! ang cute!

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