Monday, May 19, 2008

Transform new photos into old ones

Remember when your parents or grandparents asked you to Photoshop their old photos to remove the scratches and smudges?

Well, this isn't a service that will help you do that. Instead, it exactly does the opposite. This is a free web service that can transform your new photos into old ones. Old like 100 years old, Spanish-era old. The effect is so cool that it makes your photos look haunting.

Ok enough of the intro, just head to Wanokoto to see what I mean. Or check out what I did with this photo I took during our trip to Cagsaua Ruins in Bicol.

At the foot of Mayon Volcano, 2008

After I let Wanokoto do its thing,

At the foot of Mayon Volcano, circa 1890

Creepy huh? Now, go look for those retro-themed parties that you attended and make the photos look genuinely old. Hehehe.


ALiNe said...


noee said...

parang pang horror or war movie na sya ngayon hehe

Pinoy WebSurfer said...

Hehehe. bagay din dyan mga wedding pictures. :P

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