Tuesday, June 24, 2008

5 Places Where You Can Get Free Vector Images

Sometimes it's hard to conceptualize a design or create a specific image from scratch. Luckily, there are tons of vector images around the web that are FREE to use and download. Some of them can be saved as .EPS or .AI so they can easily be edited.

Here are 5 sites where you can get vector images for FREE.

  • Qvectors.com - This is an excellent site to start which is simple in design making navigation so easy. You can browse by tags or by categories which includes Abstract, Icons, Symbols and Illustrations.
  • Vecteezy - This one's a popular site. Aside from categories, you can filter your image browsing by File Type and License. You can also sort the images by the number of downloads, popularity or by date.
  • FreeVectors.net - Vector arts and graphics here are categorized by its design type. From animals, cartoons to vehicles, icons and templates.
  • Artshare.ru - Russians are pretty slick graphic designers. Although this site is in Russian, it has a large number of original works not seen on other sites. Just use Google Translate if you're having a hard time navigating.
  • Diego Mattei Blog - Just like Artshare, this one's a foreign site. Diego Mattei is a popular Argentinean graphics designer and his blog, which contains a good collection of vector images and Photoshop tips, has a lot of followers.

There you have it. You can now create that killer Powerpoint presentation, blog, or web site. Or just spice up that Multiply or Friendster site of yours.

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