Saturday, June 14, 2008

What's new with Firefox 3?

Firefox 3 is expected to come out next week but do you have any plans to download it? gives a rundown on what's new with Firefox 3.

As an existing Firefox 2 user, I would definitely make the switch. There are lots of improvements but for the normal web surfer like me, here's what I like about the new Firefox:

  • Performance improvement (Drastic improvement from the memory hog FF2)
  • Malware protection (Perfect for newbies who are used to clicking the OK button whenever something pops up)
  • Phishing protection (I know a handful of people who thought they're logging on to their Paypal only realizing that they just gave out their user credentials)
  • Better download manager (don't have to rely on add-ons anymore)
  • Web application protocol handler (e-mail links will not launch MS Outlook anymore but you can have it open the mail service of your choice)
There are lots more in store for the hardcore surfer or web developers so better check out the article.

Oh yeah, don't forget to pledge if you have plans to download Firefox 3 as soon as it comes out.

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