Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Earn while you search with Scour

How many internet search queries do you do per day? Won't it be nice if you could earn while you use a search engine? Won't it be nicer if you're also helping the search engine give more accurate and relevant results while you earn?

With Scour, you can search and earn at the same time. Don't worry about the search results since Scour aggregates results from Google, Yahoo and MSN so you're not missing out on anything even if you're used to having Google as your default search engine. Not only that, you can earn while helping Scour provide relevant search results by the use of their voting and comment system.

So what's the payout?

First, sign up for free then simply start using Scour. If you accumulated a total of 6,500 points, you'll be sent a $25 Visa gift card.

6,500 points?? Are you crazy??

Well, it might seem a lot but you won't notice it if you always use Scour as your default search engine. You can also refer your friends and you would earn 25% of their total points. Here's the point system:

  • Search - 1 point each
  • Vote - 2 points each
  • Comment - 3 points each
Besides, you're also using Google when you search with Scour so don't think about the 6,500 points. I suggest you install the browser plugins so that the Scour searchbox will always be on your browser.


Red said...

Nice post... please see also my post on scour



Calvin said...

thanks for dropping by! i noticed some similarities on what our site wants to achieve. good luck! :)

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