Monday, July 14, 2008

Inside Pixar Animation Studios

Have you ever been inside an office that was designed really well that you don't mind staying there even after office hours? Or a workplace that you would be proud showing to a visitor? Most of the offices I've seen here are so cramped with cubicles that can really make you feel sad while working.

Check out the new Pixar Animation Studios, in Emeryville, California that can house over 1,000 employees on its 15 acre site. Tech Blog just did a feature of the place along with a video tour. I suggest you go see it. Makes you want to dream to work in such a place. Even just as a maintenance man. Hehehe.

Actually, I've been inside such a place while I was in the US for a short while. It has large grounds, high ceiling, big windows to let the warm sun fill its cool hallways. The cubicles are spacious and the cafeteria looked like a high class food court. Ahh... wish I'd get a chance to go back there.

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