Friday, July 11, 2008

Put Meebo on your desktop

Here in our office, people often use Meebo for instant messaging. For some technical or security reason, we can't use our Yahoo Messenger or MSN without getting disconnected all the time or receiving delayed messages. It's really weird since we can use Meebo without any problems.

Oops, sorry to be rude. If you don't know what Meebo is, it's simply a web service that allows you to login to different Instant Messaging services using your web browser. The problem with Meebo though is that it belongs to only one window so you can't minimize one chat window without minimizing all.

Now you can put Meebo right in your desktop with Meebone. This Adobe AIR application will trick Meebo that it is still running in your web browser so you can still enjoy the same experience without being limited to your browser's window. Excellent!

Meebone is a free download but requires the Adobe AIR platform to run.

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