Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Got a "6 x 4" tag from Aline

My blogger friend Aline, has nothing to do so she decided to do a meme and tag me with it. Hehehe, it's ok.

So here goes the 6 questions and 4 answers post from me.

1. Four places I go to, over and over:
* Home
* Office
* Church
* In-laws place

2. Four people who e-mail me regularly:
* Our client
* Wordpress (every time there's somebody who comments on my blog)
* SocialSpark (whenever I receive an opp or get paid)
* Hmm... officemates I guess

3. Four of my favorite places to eat:
* Pepper Lunch
* Sbarro
* Tony Roma's
* Home

4. Four places i’d rather be:
* In my bed sleeping
* Club Noah, Palawan
* At a moviehouse
* Olympic Basketball Gym in Beijing

5. Four TV shows I could watch over and over:
* Family Guy
* Mythbusters
* Friends

6. Four people I think will respond:
* Berryblitz
* Uhm
* Can't think of anyone else
* Nope... just Berryblitz

If you wanna answer this tag, just copy-paste the 6 questions and replace my answers.


Berryblitz said...

haha thanks for the tag. i love question and answer tags. I'll be posting this after answering those questions.


Berryblitz said...

posted mine na at

thanks for the tag again :)

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