Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Need a color scheme helper?

Problem with web or CSS designers (or any designer) is figuring out or visualizing what color combination to use for their project. What color should I use for the header text, content text, links, banner background, etc. Of course you can check out other sites and copy their color scheme but you really don't want to let people think that you just copied the design.


Here's a nice site that can help you decide what color works in harmony for a specific color that you choose. With Genopal's online tool, you can select your dominant color (usually it's the site/text background) and it will generate a suitable color scheme for it. If you're not happy with it, there are sliders that you can adjust to see another set of colors. You can also click on the colors to get their HEX values which is perfect for editing that style sheet on your blog.

The online tool is free but they are also selling it as an offline application or a plugin for Photoshop.

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