Monday, August 25, 2008

Where to search for torrents

A torrent site is a good place to download files, softwares, movies, music albums, etc. However, there are lots of torrent sites out there and sometimes we really don't know which one to use. Good thing there are a few torrent search aggregators that could help you look for a specific file without jumping from one site to another.

Here are the three best torrents search engines that is available so far and the torrent sites that they crawl.

  PizzaTorrent usniff Speckly
Mininova X X X
The Pirate Bay X X X
IsoHunt X X X
FullDLS X   X
Torrent Reactor X X X
myBittorrent X    
NewTorrents X    
Monova X X X
LegitTorrents X   X
SeedPeer X X X
BTJunkie X   X
SumoTorrent X    
SuprNova X    
BitTorrent X X  
Extratorrent X    
Torrentz   X  
Vuze     X

As you can see, PizzaTorrent has the most torrent sites to crawl. While this can be good for those hard to find movies, it churns out results slowly.

If I'm to choose, I'd go for It has the best layout and interface among the three and the results are shown pretty fast since it has less sites to crawl. It visits the top 5 popular torrent sites anyway so that's ok.

Speckly is a no frills site that has a "quick peek" feature so you don't have to commit going to the site to see if it's the torrent file that you really want.

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