Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What can Axacore do for your business?

Axacore is a company that specializes in VoIP Fax. They can provide faxing and document imaging solutions if your business is involved in paper-intensive business processes.

With their FaxAgent, you will have the complete fax over ip solutions to manage your faxes where ever you are as long as you are connected online. If you’re on business trip and you need to have something faxed over, you don’t have to dial long distance but instead, the document can be faxed straight to your e-mail ready for printing.

They also provide Mortgage Industry Document Management with their XDOC. If you need to transfer a lot of paper forms into digital format, this is the one that you need. It has flexible document capture and can provide instant access to all parties involved. Perfect for data cleansing  for health and auto insurance, mortgage and loans processing.

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