Friday, June 26, 2009

Free loot items from Mafia Wars

Having trouble collecting those Untraceable Cellphones, Blackmail Photos, ITR’s in Mafia Wars? Here’s a quick way on how to get them loots without spending your precious energy.

Did you notice that you can receive certain free items from your mafia members but only once per member? It sucks if they give you worthless loots such as armored trucks and motorcycles right? Well you can control what item you will receive with this trick.

1. Head to and add FreeGift to your bookmark toolbar (Opera, Chrome, Firefox… sorry IE users).

2. Go to your Gifting page and click you FreeGift button.

3. Select the number of items you want to receive and the item that you need.

4. Sit back and Relax. You can open another window to do other things by the way.

What the script does is to go over your list of mafia members and force them to use their “free gift” option by sending you the item that you need.

So if you have 500 mafia members, you can extract 500 items using the script but I suggest getting only the exact number that you need and save the rest for other items. Better start adding more friends because you will need a LOT of Blackmail Photos.


Anonymous said...

can this be ran more than once/ like on different days?

Calvin said...

yes i think so. i think it refreshes every few days. or even daily.

Doug Humble said...

it's actually been fixed now and I don't think it works any more. :-(

junwiley said...

damn..only able to use 1 day..

Anonymous said...

huhuh its not working now

Blogs said... has confirmed this trick is over

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