Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cashing out on WaoIndia

At last, after how many months clicking their links, I’ve reached the $199 minimum payout for WaoIndia. Now, it’s time to check whether they are a scam or not by waiting for their payment.

waoindia WaoIndia is a Pay-to-Click (PTC) site with a high pay-per-click price at $0.10 with about 8 ads per day. So that’s almost $1 per day. However, they also have a high minimum payout rate of $199.

With the help of 3 active referrals, I was finally able to reach that $199. I have to wait 60 days for the first payout though and paying through paypal will incur a $50 charge. That $50 hurts but can’t do anything about it.

Let’s wait and see if they’ll pay.

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