Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mafia Wars Lottery, what does it do?

Mafia Wars has just introduced a lottery system last week. It’s a cool addition to the game that gives it a new dimension. But what does joining the lottery entail you?

There will be a lottery drawing every week and you will have a free lotto ticket per day where you could choose 5 different numbers out of 70. You can also buy a ticket for 5 reward points.

To get to your Lotto page if it’s not available from the Home page, click Godfather then you would see a Lotto section.

So what can you win in the Mafia Wars lottery?

  • 5 matching balls – 1000 reward points
  • 4 matching balls – 30 reward points
  • 3 matching balls – a lotto collection piece
  • 2 matching balls – another lottery ticket
  • 1 matching ball – An energy pack

Don’t get too excited with the energy pack prize since you can only still use 1 pack per 24 hours. So if you won an energy pack, you can use it only if your mafia members somehow forgot to send you one.

For the lotto collection, once vaulted you will receive a +10% bonus on loot drop. Not bad but not worth the difficulty of completing the set either.

Hopefully, you’re playing the lotto everyday.


Anonymous said...

You get +10% loot drop for vaulting

Anonymous said...

Apparently I won 2 energy packs, but I have no idea where they are. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem, where is the enrgey packs you win?????

Anonymous said...

Me 3, can't figure out how to use the 2 energy packs I won in the lotto.

Anonymous said...

same here, it would be nice if you can actually use the energypacks

Anonymous said...

idiots read the top

Anonymous said...

is the lottery only for Face Book. I don't see it on Myspace.

Jim Lynch said...

is that +10% loot drop for a few times or is it +10% more loot drops from then on? Also what if you re-vault? does the % go up or is it a waste of time?
I have option to get this collection for 50.00/collection and wondering if it is worth it or not. If it's just 10% a few times then no, if it's 10% there after then yes it is

Calvin said...

vault only once. it will add 10% more probability from getting loot drops (so if the default loot probability that is given to ordinary players is 10%, vaulting the collection will make yours 20%). you would still have the possibility of not getting any loot.

Anonymous said...

No one seems to know what happens if you re-vault the Lotto collection. I have searched everywhere and cannot find an answer.

Anonymous said...

Prick motherfuckers

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