Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Microphone for the iPod Touch

The OS 3.0 firmware for the iPod Touch now allows you use it as a voice recorder. However, you need to have a microphone accessory to make use of it.

Ozaki, one of the world’s leading accessory maker for the iPod has just released the iPill. It is a small capsule-shaped microphone that can be used for the iPod Nano and iPod Touch. Just split the capsule and plug the other half to the 3.5mm jack of your iPod to have your makeshift microphone.

Ozaki iPill

Right now mics aren’t widely used in the iPod Touch. But when the time comes when there would be voice activated apps, you might want to get one of these iPill. Be careful not to lose it though (or worse swallow it).

The Ozaki iPill will be available by August.


Anonymous said...

where can we get this?

Calvin said...

They will be out in the Philippines by August (don't know the availability in other countries). No word on the price yet.

SASSY MOM said...

This is a cool gadget! I cant wait to have one.

Anj Segovia said...

Hi guys, the iPill should be available already in Data Core, Virra Mall. SRP is around P750.

RONN said...

i would like an update on the above mention mic for ipod

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