Thursday, July 23, 2009

A PC for Php10,800?

Yes, Intel just introduced a low-cost PC yesterday called “Nettop ng Bayan 2.0”. The most basic configuration of the nettop will only cost you Php 10,800.

Why nettop? Well nettops are small PC’s that is mainly used for internet activities such as web surfing, e-mailing, chatting, social networking, etc. Nettops are usually powered by cheap, low energy consumption processors and this is where Intel comes in. Intel’s Atom processor which is prevalent in netbooks today is cheap but can still power PC’s for basic computing.

nettopSo what is the most basic configuration of the Nettop ng Bayan 2.0?

  • Single Core Intel Atom processor
  • 80GB HDD
  • 1GB Memory
  • Mouse and Keyboard
  • LCD Monitor

That’s a good deal already considering the price of the motherboard and processor is already around 4k and the LCD monitor is another 4k. The only thing you need to worry about is your broadband plan.

The Nettop ng Bayan is suitable for students who don’t need a lot of computing power to do research on the internet and type reports. You would be saving a lot from your electricity bill as well compared to your typical desktop PC’s.

Would you get one?


Mys said...

i would, if you highly recommend it. upgradable ang memory? kulang sa akin ang 80 gig eh.

Calvin said...

there are upgrade options pero syempre with additional fees and may vary between dealers. ok sya pag hindi ka naman mag-heavy gaming or desktop publishing.

Pastilan said...

Uy, saan makakabili nito? Magandang deal na ito. Balak kong mag assemble ng isa pang pC for my online ventures pero nung makita ko ito, mukhang magandang deal talaga.

Mys said...

oo nga, same question with Pastilan? everywhere available? as in tawad lang? hahaha

Calvin said...

sa andun yung list ng mga dealers. on top of my head kasama asianic, pc options, pc express, villman.

ok sya pagmagblog and surf ka lang. pwede rin pangtorrent, upgrade na lang HD or kabit ka ng external disk. pero walang kasamang OS yung 10800 ha. pwede rin gamitin if you want to play around with unix.

Paul said...

di na siguro masyadong problema ang OS. mag-opensource ka na lang. :-) or pirated OS. --- oooopss! sorry. hehehe.

Pipo said...


Lol. Freudian slip. Not. Lol.

Calvin said...

I went to Greenhills and nakita ko yung 10,800 na price. na-dismaya ako sa store na yun (which i forgot the name) kasi yung package nila 17" Flat CRT monitor instead of LCD. Tapos yung casing na gagamitin is yung malaki.

I think they're just getting rid of old stocks. hayyy. havent check other stores pa. iba iba kasi diskarte ng bawat shop eh.

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