Thursday, July 16, 2009

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I am a graduate of Computer Engineering but somehow, I ended up working in the ELearning industry. But if you’re gonna ask me what my  dream job is, it’s game development. I would love to take part in designing games not in the artistic sense but more on the concepts, gameplay, interface and mechanics.

So where am I going with this? Well going into that dream job, a good leverage or edge that you could have is through Elearning or online trainings. Looking into the future, aside from a snazzy resume, companies will also look into the trainings you have acquired and your Skill Score.

If credit card companies look at a Credit Score in making their decisions, hiring companies can look at your Skill Score as basis of their choice. This is wear comes in. Personal Edition offers you hundreds of courses that encompasses different fields and types of training. From degrees, certifications or simply personal development courses, you’re sure to find it in Personal Edition.

I signed up and took one of their free courses entitled Stress Management: Stress on the Job. It talks about stress as being part of your job but it’s up to you on how to handle it. You will learn tips and advices on how to manage and eliminate office-related stress. Something to look at if you’re an employee.


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Cza said...

Hello! :D I'm a computer engineer grad too.. Got stuck in the IT industry and still searching for that "dream job". =P Hmmmm.. so it's really essential to get certified? Okay. Noted! :D

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