Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mafia Wars Daily Chance replaces lottery

The Mafia Wars Lottery system has been replaced or rather renamed into Daily Chance. It works as the same old lottery but with a new option.

With Daily Chance, you can claim your prize even if the week has not yet ended. The prize you will get depends on how many tickets you currently have.

  • 1 ticket = random collection item. meh.
  • 2 tickets = 1 free ticket
  • 3 tickets = 5 stamina refilled
  • 4 tickets = 1 skill point. Some people won 5 skill points with this but most including me only got 1.
  • 5 tickets = 20 energy refilled
  • 6 tickets = 1-5 Godfather reward point

So my recommendation? Get the skill points at 4 or 6 tickets depending on your needs. It’s still buggy right now as some people are not getting the prizes as advertised. Some doesn’t even have the option to claim prizes.

Oh and be careful not to click the buy a ticket for 2 reward points. They placed it where it can be mistakenly clicked. Crafty lil devils.


moonshield said...

you do not forefeit ur tickets!!

Calvin said...

mine got lost on my first try. it didn't happen on the next so I guess they changed it. thanks for confirming that.

lotto said...

I hate lotteries. I have myself seen one of my friends get addicted to gambling when he won some amount with a mega millions ticket. It is an addiction that lands you in financial trouble. I prefer staying away from it.

Anonymous said...

You should write a book about it.

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