Friday, August 28, 2009

Xbox follows PlayStation's price drop

Thanks to Sony for slashing the price of its PlayStation 3. Now Microsoft has to follow suit and they've made it official that they will be dropping the price of their Xbox.

Starting Friday, Microsoft will drop the price of the Xbox 360 Elite to $299.99 from $399.99 in the United States. The price on the entry-level Xbox Arcade model will stay at $199.99 though. For the Xbox Pro model, the price will go down from $299.99 to $249.99, however, Microsoft is phasing it out so get your units while supplies last.

Now it's Nintendo's Wii turn.

[via Reuters]


Nikhil said...

hey wheres ur contact us page????
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Calvin said...

I've had it with EC man. not doing it anymore.

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