Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Comfortable doing some online shopping

onlineshopping Online shopping is slowly becoming a norm here in the Philippines despite the lack of local online merchants. I’ve been buying my tech gadgets online as well as some apparels using my online earnings. It’s way much cheaper compared to going to shops in malls.

I typically use my PayPal to buy online but sometimes it’s not available so I have to resort in using a credit card. But before using my card, I try to find reviews about the merchant involved to see if they’re legit or not or if there’s a high risk that I may encounter problems with billing. It’s very important to only buy from merchants with secure credit card payment systems to avoid being scammed.

If people are satisfied with the service of an online merchant from shopping to billing up to delivery and support, it will most likely result in acquiring regular customers who will also spread the news.

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