Friday, September 18, 2009

Exploit the Wars glitch in Mafia Wars for lots of exp

You can earn loads of exp in Mafia Wars with a bug in their Declare War page.


How does it work? For each link you use, you will gain 3 exp per page reload. You can reload the page in 2 minutes to gain another 3 exp. So with 10 links (10 tabs), in 1 hour you can gain 900 exp!

Interested? Well prepare your browser first before we begin. You will need a browser that can reload a page on a set interval. I am using Firefox with the ReloadEvery Add-on.

Here’s how you exploit the glitch.

1. Look for a war on your news feed and click on one of those Help links.


2. I’m gonna click the second link.


Here’s what you need to check. The war should not be ongoing and the left column should be the losing side. If it’s not the losing side, click the other link (on step 1).

3. Copy the ID of the loser from the URL link.


4. Paste the ID into the this link: ID here)&target_id=(Paste ID here)

5. Now open that link into a new tab and you should see this page:


It is important that you see the message, “That target has already been killed. Please choose another target.” If not then your link is incorrect.

6. When you see the correct message, right click on the page to Enable your Reload script. Use the Custom part to set it to 2 minutes.


That’s it! You’re all set. Find other links and open those in their own tabs for faster exp gain then leave them open until the timer runs out.

The timer in the War Ends (see step 5) part is the duration the link will be available to exploit.

I don’t know when this glitch will be fixed so better hurry up. Don’t forget to Enable the Reload script.


Anonymous said...

already can not anymore... any technic again ?

Anonymous said...

it doesn't work for me either. It says I already participated in this war...bummer

Anonymous said...

It's still working great for me.

Anonymous said...

After reloading, it says "You have already participated in this war." Then will no longer receive 3 XP.. Any idea?

Anonymous said...

it doesn't work anymore....any other way u got ....

Anonymous said...

Not working anymore.. It's not displaying the ID anymore..

Anonymous said...

Now this is the best glitch ever. unlimited godfather points.

Anonymous said...

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