Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A glimpse of Mafia Wars Moscow

Starting on Thursday, September 24, the popular online game by Zynga Mafia Wars will launch its latest expansion, Moscow. Every MW fan is pretty excited about it so here are some screenshots of the expansion.

Mafia Wars Moscow

As mentioned in the teaser page, as you enter Moscow, you get to choose between two factions. Vory, the princes of thieves or the Mafiya who are the KGB and corrupt military officers. Depending on the side you choose, you will have different loots so choose wisely.

Each tier in Moscow is subdivided into chapters and you can’t hop into a job if you’re not yet finished with the previous chapter. They also brought back boss fights which were non-existent in Cuba but the fights won’t be as easy as New York.

There would be six new achievements, five new businesses and six new collections for longer playability. For me, I’d be happy to collect these Matryoshka dolls!

matryoshka dolls

Hurry and finish Cuba up so you can focus with Moscow.

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Anonymous said...

Stupid to have 2000 health.....need energy so you can complete jobs.

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