Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mafia Wars Loot Suggestion Contest

Hey Mafia Wars fans, wanna make your mark in the game? Try joining the Mafia Wars Loot Suggestion Contest. Suggest original items (weapon, armor or vehicle) for limited edition loot and you’d get the chance to contribute something cool to the game.Limited LootThe MW team will choose 10 winners and create your item as a new limited edition loot. Winners will get 50 reward points plus 501 of the new loot!

To join:

  • Follow us on Twitter @MafiaWars
  • Send a tweet with the following sentence: "I want [describe your item] in #mafiawars. http://bit.ly/MRIkY"
  • Make sure you include #mafiawars and the bit.ly link!
  • Enter as many times as you want. Any offensive or inappropriate entries will be disqualified.

Contest Ends Friday, September 18th.

Try to be really original. I would suggest putting your name or monicker on the item. Like maybe Big John’s Doorblaster or something.


Gem said...

I saw the contest but didn't join that simply for the reason that I don't want to clutter my Twitter feed (that always sounded geeky and formal) with Mafia Wars.

Anyway I've always enjoyed playing Mafia Wars. Thanks for sharing me your collections.

Baer Seller said...

Hello All!


The New Bangkok Loot is already available at the Store!
All of the New Loot in sufficient quantities!
Go ahead and check it out!

And don't forget:
Special Offers are active until Independence Day, 4th of July:
- Red Coats -66% !
- Red Angels -66% !
- Trio Napoli -66% !
- Rebel 2 -66% !
- Matoroyoshka Energy Boosts -1o$
- Top Fighting and Robbing Boosts -10$
- Throwing Knife Boost -20$ !
- Lotto Collection -10$!
- Diamond Collection -5$
- Special Collections (Money Launder, New Year, St. Paddy's, Valentine and Easter) -4$
- Crew Collections -4$


Have fun playing & thank you for your support!


Facebook group:




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