Monday, September 21, 2009

Sony MH907, world’s first “motion activated” headphones

Sony just unveiled the world’s first motion activated headphones that sense the user, the in-ear MH907 which also has a built-in mic.


How does it work? When listening to music, take out one bud off your ear to pause and put it back on again to play. You can also use it to take calls. Pull out both buds to stop the music then plug in a bud to start talking then take it out when you want to hang-up.

It only triggers upon skin contact (like the iPhone touchscreen) so you can’t accidentally answer calls if it’s in your pocket or bag. Just don’t use it around babies though who might accidentally pull the bud off your ear while you’re talking.

Cool idea huh? Check out Sony’s quirky ad on the MH907 here.

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