Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where to get Standalone SWF Player

One time while working on a Flash project with a team, I found myself not having installed Flash on my PC. I need to view the output SWF file that they come up with but the only way for me to open the file is through a browser.

Flash1 I would drag the SWF file into my browser but it will display everything (including things outside the canvas) at maximum size so it’s really ugly. On PC’s with Flash installed, they can open the SWF into a standalone player.

So where can I get that player to play SWF videos separately? Google search pointing to Adobe points to Flash player and a Shockwave player but both don’t really work.

What is needed is the Flash Player Projector and this can be found in this Macromedia link. Here’s for Macintosh. Just download and store it somewhere. No need to install but set your SWF files to be opened by the projector every time.

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