Thursday, October 8, 2009

Boss links for Mafia Wars Moscow

Bosses in Mafia Wars Moscow will net you millions of rubles every time you complete them (that is if 10 mafia assists you). However, they are unavailable when you’re not done yet with all the jobs in a tier.

Even if they’re not visible, it doesn’t mean that they’re inactive. You can still do boss jobs for the money even if you still have unfinished jobs. Just use the following links:

Episode 1 - Confront Gang Leader Dmitri Leonov


Episode 2 - Take Down Party Boss Karpov


Episode 3 - Matyoryj Brigadir

Episode 4 - Matyoryj Avtoritet

Episode 5 - Matyoryj Vor

Episode 6 - Matyoryj Pahkan

TIP: If for some reason it wouldn't work for you, make sure you are in Moscow and on the right tier page.

So get those free money every 24 hours. It would be better if you have plenty of friends to help you out for quicker result.

I’ll update the list once other episodes become available.


Anonymous said...

Any update on the boss links? I need the one for Episode 4... Thanks!

Calvin said...

List updated and completed! enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks so much!

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