Thursday, October 15, 2009

Item guide to lower bribe penalty in Mafia Wars Moscow

If you’re already in Moscow in Mafia Wars, you will notice how hard it is to earn money. Not only are the items expensive but you also have to deal with bribe penalties. Here’s a guide so you will know what items from Episodes 1 and 2 are still needed in Episodes 3 and 4 which is giving even high-ranking players difficulty completing:

  • Dubina (3x Vory | 0x Mafiya)
  • Pistolet Besshumnyj 0x
  • Boevoy Nozh 12x (15x Mafiya)
  • Tracksuit 24x
  • Balaclava 18x
  • Mototsykl 12x
  • Taksi 0x
  • Dvina 6x

So when you are done mastering episodes 1 and 2, you can sell back the items that are not needed in 3 and 4 to lower your bribe penalty.

Once you achieve level 3 mastery in Episode 3 these are the items you don’t need:

  • 3x Dubina
  • 12x Boevoy Nozh
  • 6x Dvina
  • 18x Balaclava
  • 12x Mototsykl

Hopefully, selling the unneeded items will speed things up for you. It’s a reasonable risk to take even if you will need those items back in episodes 5 and 6.

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I have added this to my guide, very usefull stuff.

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