Friday, October 30, 2009

Mafia Wars Halloween Loot items

Mafia Wars introduced a new set of limited loot items for the Halloween. These 8 items are inspired by different Zynga games like Farmville, Texas Holdem, YoVille, etc.

Try to complete all 8 before November 2 midnight:







Of all the items, the most difficult to acquire is the Kraken and Laser Squirrel which seems to be fair considering they have the most powerful stats of the bunch.

The items aren’t giftable by the way so if you wish to complete all items, spend a lot of time at the mugging job.


Gem said...

5 out of 8 items pa lang ang nakukuha ko. I never get to complete the series. According to the game, it's just the jobs and the fights lang. Is there any other special trick for the difficult items?

Calvin said...

Gem, nope jobs and fights lang. I spent about 1k energy doing the mugging job bago ko nakumpleto.

Don Antonini said...

Also no luck in completing the loots. They say that doing the mugging job in new york tier does the trick. Repeatedly doing the job and spending only 1 energy per job. But i guess its too late.

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