Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spruce up your Windows 7 with these new official themes

More people are switching to Windows 7 now that it is released. This includes those who purchased new desktop PC’s and laptops which already comes with Windows 7.

With the early success of Windows 7, Microsoft unleashed new themes that you can download for free to supplement the already gorgeous default themes and wallpapers it has.

Windows7 themes

I personally like the country themes (even if Philippines is not included) and the Zune characters.

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game said...

Windows 7-its great.I have been working with it since a long time.Its a vast improvement from vista as it takes much less ram and a has other optimizations as fast bootong times.I m working with release candidate and so far i have no complaint working with it.The themes you have given here are superb.Thanks for sharing.

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