Monday, October 12, 2009

What are the best items/weapons in Mafia Wars?

If you’re wondering what the best attack and defense items in Mafia Wars you can trade for or get from a job, here it is. This list covers up to Episode 4 of Moscow and might change when later episodes go online.

Attack Items


Weapon – Canonazo
Stats: 42 ATK | 22 DEF
Job: Loot the National Museum (El Cacique Job Tier)

Armor – Shturmovik
Stats: 45 ATK | 28 DEF
Job: Rob a Troop Convoy (Avtoritet Job Tier)

track loader

Vehicle - Track Loader
Stats: 37 ATK | 32 DEF
Job: Take Over the Havana Reconstruction (El Cacique Job Tier)

Defense Items


Weapon – Gaff Hook
Stats: 20 ATK | 30 DEF
Job: Pillage a Shipyard (El Jeffe Job Tier)

armored briefcase

Armor – Armored Briefcase
Stats: 25 ATK | 36 DEF
Job: Map out the Escape Route (Brigadir Job Tier)

Vehicle – Orel Armored Helicopter
Stats: 24 ATK | 40 DEF
Job: Arrange the Sales of Weapons-Grade Explosives (Avtoritet Job Tier)

I haven’t touched Episode 4 yet so forgive for the lack of screenies. I’ll update the list when there are better items in Episodes 5 and 6 of Moscow.

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