Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Vaulted Collection and Boost Effects

With the release of all episodes in Mafia Wars Moscow, I was finally able to collect and vault all 6 collections. Here are the bonuses and boosts you could get from the Mafia Wars collections.


Prison Tattoos Collection
Vault Bonus: 6 DEF
Boost: +42 Fight Defense Skill

Matryoshka Dolls Collection
Vault Bonus: 7 Energy
Boost: –20 Job Energy Cost


Russian Leaders Collection
Vault Bonus: 4 ATK
Boost: +60 Robbing Defense Skill

Vodka Drinks Collection
Vault Bonus: 4 Stamina
Boost: +44 ATK Skill


Soviet Memorabilia Collection
Vault Bonus: 10 Health
Boost: +46 Fight Defense Skill

Fabergé Egg Collection
Vault Bonus: 8 Energy
Boost: –24 Job Energy Cost

Too bad there’s only an additional point of energy you would get in the episode 6 collection from the one you’d get in episode 2.

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