Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The most simple torrent tracker

If you’re fond of downloading torrents but don’t really understand what those torrent term means or don’t want to put up with registrations, ads and all those clutter, you would be interested in trying out Nerrot.


Nerrot is probably the most simplest torrent site out there. In fact, it’s so simple that they only have one page, only for the search box. Just key in your search term (the more specific the better) and it will searche for the closest match with the highest ratio of seeders (healthiest swarm), then automatically downloads what it determines to be the best torrent file for your search.

It’s that simple. Search and download. I won’t recommend this to those who don’t have a fast connection though. You don’t want to be wasting all those bandwidth thinking you got the right stuff when you really don’t.

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