Thursday, December 3, 2009

Typekit allows you to use different fonts for your website

Tired of using the same fonts over and over again when designing a website? Do you want to break away from the mold by using a fresh font for your site? Nope, I’m not suggesting you use an image as replacement.


Typekit allows you to pull fonts from their server so you can use it in your site. So why can’t you do it on your own you say? Well there’s this thing called “copyright” that even if the fonts are free, you can’t simply redistribute it to the web.

With Typekit, you don’t have to worry about those restrictions. They work with font foundries to develop a web-only font linking license. But wait, before you stop reading, they also offer a free subscription where you can choose fonts from their trial library.

The only limitation for the free subscription is that you are only allowed 5GB of bandwidth per month and you can only use two fonts per site as well as put a Typekit badge. Not bad for a small, personal blog site.

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