Thursday, December 31, 2009

Waterproof casing for the iPod Nano with video

Ok I don’t know why somebody would want to waterproof their iPod Nano. Is there a waterproof earphones for this one? Are swimmers envious of runners who can train while wearing an iPod?

Capture created a waterproof casing for the 5th generation iPod nano. The one with video for the sole purpose of being able to record videos underwater with its puny camera. I don’t know how large the market is for video recording with the iPod nano but this casing can go up to 12ft underwater.


Practical usage? Hmm maybe you have a wireless waterproof ipod speakers you always bring at pool parties and want to have a matching waterproof iPod? If only the iPod Nano can also take still photos then this might be a decent buy.

The Waterproof Case for iPod nano with Video (5th Gen) will cost you $79.99.

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