Friday, January 15, 2010

Dummy Data Generator

Ever find the need to populate a database with dummy data just to test your application? does exactly that! You can create customized dummy data online for free.


Head to their generator and select what format you want your data to be in. HTML, CSV, XLS, SQL? Then customize the columns and the data types that you want. The site covers commonly used data type such as names, e-mail, number, etc. You can even choose to create only female names or  country-dependent telephone numbers. It’s a pretty customizable web application to generate your own custom records.

The only drawback with this service is that you can only generate 200 records. You can donate $20 to get a user account that allows you to generate up to 5,000 records or you can also download their script for free and run it into your webserver.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone know of a tool that can generate dummy data based on a data model like hibernate? I need dummy data for various scenarios, not just for a fixed DB schema. Ideally I would pass a hibernate configuration or a set of annotated beans and the tool will create the insert statements for me.
Anything out there, or just in my dreams? (I started working on one, but it got hairy pretty quickly trying to figure out how to populate id fields, foreign key fields in the correct order, mapping tables for many-to-many, etc.)

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