Monday, January 18, 2010

Ozaki iPod Shuffle iCoat allows you to use any earphones

So somebody gave you a 3rd generation iPod Shuffle but now you’re miffed that you cannot use that high-end earphones of yours with it because it lacks a built-in remote control required by the Shuffle. What to do?icoatshuffleTry the iCoat Shuffle from Ozaki. This casing for the iPod Shuffle will not only protect your iPod but also allows you to use any standard earphones. If you don’t know, the problem with the earphone that comes with the Shuffle is that it’s not sweat proof and will mess up the remote when you’re using the iPod while working out. 

This iCoat Shuffle is a nice solution to fix the problem with Apple’s proprietary earphone. You can now control your music from the case itself. With that, you can now connect the Shuffle to any stereo systems and control the iPod at the same time.

SRP for the Ozaki iCoat Shuffle is P1,200 and is now available to your favorite Apple shop/reseller.

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