Monday, February 1, 2010

How does factions work in Mafia Wars Bangkok

In the Mafia Wars Bangkok expansion, Zynga introduced factions into the gameplay. You can chose to be allied with the Yakuza or the Triad. But what does this mean anyway and how does it apply in the game?

Initially, you can get some high-end items from the Faction store if you meet the faction standing requirement (Neutral, Allied, Honored and Trusted). The Yakuza specializes in offensive items while the Triad deals on the defense.

faction store

So how can you meet the faction standing requirement to purchase the items? By siding with them while on the Choice Point job. Each episode has two choice points. Siding with a faction will increase their trust on you while decreasing the trust of the opposing faction.

Choice Point

There’s no penalty when switching sides. Just leave one job under a chapter open so you can do the choice point over and over again as you see fit. This is helpful if you want to max out both factions.

Once Zynga implement Fights in Bangkok, you can also manipulate your faction standing by fighting members aligned to a faction.

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