Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Promoting your post through article directories

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Ok you’ve finally finished what you think is your most well-written, relevant and interesting post on your blog. The problem is that nobody knows about it save for a few friends and family. Google hasn’t added it to its search database for over a week now and it’s becoming stale.

Why not give Google a boost by submitting it to an article directory? Aside from letting Google know about it faster via backlinks, it is a nice way to promote your post by letting these article directories publish it through its partners, newsletter and feeds while you retain the credit for it. Clicking an author’s name will reveal info such as site or e-mail in case people wants to see more articles from you.


There are many general article directory sites out there but I decided to check out What’s good about them is that they are picky when it comes to articles being posted in their directory. They have submission guidelines in place that will automatically weed out the junk from premium and original articles like yours. What’s important is that you choose the most relevant category where you article should be under on so that it will gain visibility to the right readers.

Submission to is free of charge and they can even have your article promoted via twitter to drive more traffic into it and eventually to your site. Go ahead and check it out.

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