Friday, February 19, 2010

Vaulting the Mafia Wars Chinese New Year collection

Chinese New Year is already over but Mafia Wars is just celebrating it now. They have introduced the 7 Chinese New Year limited loot items which can be acquired through the new Mystery Bag feature.


Just like the previous Valentine’s Day Collection the CNY Collection can also be vaulted to get a nice item. This is probably one of the most difficult collection to complete without trading since you can get a LOT of different stuff from the mystery bag including Godfather points and other Limited Edition Loots.

So what do you get from vaulting the Mafia Wars Chinese New Year Collection?String of firecrackers

A String of Firecrackers with a stat of 28 ATK and 36 DEF. Not too impressive I might say. There’s no achievement award too when vaulting the collection.

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