Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blog topic ideas using Trends Buzz

A lot of bloggers out there are taking advantage of trending topics via Google Trends. Consistently writing about the latest Google search topics will grant your site a huge boost in traffic and in effect will increase  your Google Adsense earnings (if you have it installed that is).

Trends Buzz

Ok now you know the secret of how to earn a lot from Google Adsense, you must now move on to other search engine. Google Trends is for Google but there are other trending topics out there from Yahoo or Twitter and Bing or Alexa. This is where Trends Buzz help.

Trends Buzz will give you a summary of the latest topic trends from different sources, not only from Google. This way, you can make sure that you’ve covered all bases for a high-traffic post.


Pattaya Girls said...

wouldn't this technique of using popular topics simply mean most of your blog would be off topic posts, not sure that is the best way to retain a loyal audience.

Calv said...

you are right. most are off topics and won't get you regular visitors. what it does is get you thousands of traffic daily. all you have to do is keep doing it regularly. not an easy thing to do.

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