Friday, March 26, 2010

Getting a cheap Xbox 360 online

Planning on getting an Xbox 360 online? Make sure you find the cheapest deal online. At Shopwiki, you can find great deals on just about any gadgets including the Xbox 360. It aggregates a lot of stores so you can easily find out which one offers the cheapest price. Now all you need to do is decide on which type of Xbox to get.xbox360Right now, there are three types of Xbox system. The cheapest is the Xbox Arcade at only $200 but with no hard Drive and LAN support. At $300 is the Xbox 360 Pro with wireless controller, LAN support and a 60GB hard drive. Finally at $400 is the Xbox 360 Elite which is same as the Pro but in black color, 120GB hard drive, with HDMI cable and a couple of two nice disc-based games.

Now you’ve decided on your Xbox, next thing you can probably do is buy accessories for it. Wireless network adapter is nice if you want to minimize cables. There’s also the universal remote if you’re going to be using your Xbox mainly for videos.

Now go and do your Xbox-hunting.

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