Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shuttle Barebone XS35 mini-PC is perfect for your TV

There will come a time when living room PC’s hooked up to LCD TV’s via HDMI will be common place. These basic PC’s will allow the user to surf the net, check e-mails or watch online or offline videos with their living room TV as monitor.

The Shuttle Barebone XS35  is one such PC. It’s only 3.3 cm thin and can be installed behind flat panel displays. It is powered by Intel's Atom D510 Dual Core Processor (2x 1.66 GHz) and high-performance NVIDIA GT218 (ION2) graphics card for streaming 3D and video playback.

Connectors include 5x USB, VGA, LAN and Audio, multi-format card reader, a 2.5" hard disk and an optical slim drive. The XS35 is passively cooled and therefore practically noiseless.

No word yet on the price for the Shuttle XS35 but it will be out in the second quarter of this year.

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