Thursday, June 3, 2010

Microsoft’s Sidewinder X6 is a true gamer’s keyboard

Gamers need to be in total control. That’s why Microsoft intros a keyboard with full customization functions--the Sidewinder x6. With 30 programmable buttons that can allow up to 90 programmable options, the Sidewinder X6 is every gamer's ideal keyboard.sidewinder x6Sidewinder X6 allows assigned gaming profile which allows you to assign functions and configurations when you switch between game mode and work mode. What’s more, custom layouts automatically load with the game you assigned them to.

Sidewinder X6 has an adjustable backlight display which lights up every key. Red lights illuminate standard keys while the keypad and programmable keys glow with an amber hue. The lighting dial adjusts the brightness of the keyboard and key pad. The number pad is removable, making this keyboard amazingly ergonomic.

Sidewinder X6 measures 20.2 inches wide and 9.22 inches deep. It has thick rubber pads underneath to keep the keyboard in place.

SRP: Php4,100

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