Monday, August 23, 2010

WD makes digital assets so ‘DAM’ manageable

securedownload Wondering why many videographers still cling to tape-based production? Because the good-old-tape can be decades old and still work, and in case of damage, the salvaged portion can still be played back. However the rise of high definition videos, 2K and 4K image resolution files that require huge storage space compel video makers to consider tapeless-based production or what we call Digital Asset Management (DAM). Still getting nervous on trusting all your work in a single drive? Wait until you learn the ways on how WD® makes ‘tapeless’ manageable for you.

Reduce cost. Extreme heat and moisture, and other bizarre events during the shoot are villains of tape-based production, plus you got to have loads of tapes prior to production to accommodate all your work for the day. But the digital media will not easily suffer from untoward incidents during production, you can easily transfer all your works from the P2, CF, or SD cards and transfer it to a hard drive which could store large data files. The WD® My Book Studio, an external drive designed for Mac, has 1 up to 2TB capacity, which can gulp down many projects in a size of your favorite hard-bound book.

Stable recordings. Tapes may get jittery and fail midway during recording and transfer, and in some instances, copying the master tape can decrease the work’s quality. “I chose the WD® My Book Studio because of its Firewire 800 interface, it allows video transfer at top speeds without the fear of grainy video and decreased audio quality, worst, a delayed audio after numerous copying,“ said AB Garcia, a videographer and cinematographer. Aside from remarkable speed, the Firewire 800 interface allows seamless transfer of isochronous data, which helps you ensure that the audio is synchronized with the video.

Clickable library. Storing tapes require room and in some cases, your knack on the Dewey Decimal System. For AB Garcia, who also works as a technical and creative consultant for a multimedia production company Imaginimage finds it hard to navigate a roomful of tapes. “My love for WD® started with My Book because it can hold numerous projects, and I can stack them vertically. After that, I implemented a storing and an archiving system for the company using the WD® My Book. The good news is, not a single drive failed me so far,” added AB. When AB shifted to Mac, he chose the WD® My Book Studio for his video editing jobs.

The WD® My Book Studio has an e-label display which you can customize, for example, label it as “TVCs 2010” or “Photos 2010.” Though the WD® is a power miser, which sleeps, turns on and off as needed, you can still see the label of the My Book Studio.

The bundled WD Smartware™ software is also ideal for people who believe on what they see. This feature gives you a visual of your back up as it happens, and the most amazing thing is that, it can let you recover inadvertently deleted or overwritten files back to its original location.

Protect your intellectual property. Want to keep everything secret before the launch date? No worries, because WD® external drives are equipped with a 256-bit hardware-based encryption that protects your work from unauthorized access or theft.

Just imagine freeing your studio from a roomful of tapes and replacing it with a single shelf where the My Book is stacked…pretty isn’t it? Plus transfer, edit, save, retrieve files as fast and as numerous as you can – WD® really makes management of your digital asset a breeze.

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